2015 Winners of the VFG Flute Ensemble Competition!

Many congratulations those who participated in the 22nd Annual Flute Ensemble Competition this year!

The first place winning groups for this year included:

A- Primary- Duet: Vivian and Jessica

B- Primary- Duet + One: Anushi Fernandopulle & Scarlett Swainsbury

C – Primary- Small Ensembles: Genazzano FCJ College Junior Flute Ensemble

D- Primary- Large Ensembles: PLC Acorns

E- 14 Years & Under- Duet: Kiara Bayros & Emma Varveri

F- 14 Years & Under- Duet + One: Stella Shi & Emily Condon

G- 14 Years & Under- Small Ensembles: Genazzano FCJ College Intermediate Flute Quartet

H- 14 Years & Under- Large Ensembles: Northcote HS Flute Ensemble- equal with St Catherine’s Year 7 & 8 Flute Ensemble

I- 16 Years & Under- Duet: Judith Park & Jenny Kim

J- 16 Years & Under- Duet + One: “Then There Were 3”- equal with Jessica Ting & Samantha Pereira

K- 16 Years & Under- Small Ensembles: Loreto Mandeville Hall Flute Ensemble

L- 16 Years & Under- Large Ensembles: Genazzano FCJ College Intermediate Flute Ensemble

M- 18 Years & Under- Duet: Ben & Emily

N- 18 Years & Under- Duet & One: Alexia Samiotis & Hannah Cole

O- 18 Years & Under- Small Ensembles: Genazzano FCJ College Senior Flute Quartet

P- 18 Years & Under- Large Ensembles: MLC Flute Ensemble

Q- Novice Section- Small Ensembles: University High School- “Men at Flute”

R- Novice Section- Large Ensembles: Balwyn High School Flute Ensemble

S- Open Section- Duet: Merrily Hansen

T- Open Section- Duet + One: Adam Richardson & Alysse Faith

U- Open Section- Small Ensembles: Blackburn High School VCE Quartet

V- Open Section- Large Ensembles: The Victorian Flute Ensemble