Flute Guilds/ Organisations

Australian Flute Festival
Australian Flute Society
Queensland Flute Guild
South Australia Flute Society
Flute Society of NSW
Tasmanian Flute Society
National Flute Association (USA)
British Flute Society


Instrument Dealers

Music Place (David Temby)
The Woodwind Group
Flutes and Flutists
EVA KINGMA (Quality Low Flutes and Flutes)


Music Teaching Organisations

Victorian Music Teacher’s Association
Music Australia


Australian Music Organisations

Australian Music Centre
Australian Bands and Orchestras Directors Association
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Melbourne Chamber Orchestra
Australian Youth Orchestra
New Music Network
Musical Society of Victoria
Victorian Youth Symphony


Universities/ Colleges

Faculty of Music- University of Melbourne/ Victorian College of the Arts
Monash University-School of Music
Presbyterian Ladies College
Donvale Christian College
Blackburn High School
Methodist Ladies College
Genazzano FCJ College



The Victorian Flute Guild Inc. provides this list of useful links for all students, teachers, and professionals as a helpful ‘search engine.’ The provision of the list is not a recommendation or an endorsement for any of the links on the list, only a reference point.¬†