The 2017 VFG AGM Concert

Sunday 22nd October, 2.00pm – 3.30pm

A short meeting followed by a concert featuring Victorian flute ensembles and soloists, and afternoon tea…

  • Presentation by Wendy Clarke, Associate Principal Flute of the MSO.
  • Performances by the Flute Ensembles of the VFG
  • The Rorich Ensemble (guests from Camberwell Grammar School)
  • Solo performances by Philipp Eversheim (Winner of the 2017 Leslie Barklamb Scholarship), Greg Lee (flute) and Dean Sky Lucas (piano)

NEW VENUE: The Collingwood Senior Citizens Centre

  • adjacent to Collingwood Town Hall
  • short walk from Collingwood Train Station
  • Short walk from Hoddel Street
  • unrestricted on street parking available surrounding the venue
  • unrestricted car park available behind St Philip’s Anglican Church (enter through Eddy Court)

2017 Leslie Barklamb Winners!

Congratulations to the following winners of this year’s Leslie Barklamb Scholarship!


1) Aria Chen and Alison Conrau
Genin – Carnival of Venice theme and variations Vii and viii
2) Katie Wong


1) Charles Campbell-Cowan and Alison Conrau
Doppler – Hungarian Pastoral Fantasy
2) Amelia Evenden


1) Joseph Hourigan and Alison Conrau
Milhaud -Sonatine, 1st Movt
2) Freddy Branson
HM) Jasmine Evenden


1) Melana Uceda and Larissa Cox
Busser – Prelude and Scherzo
2) Anna Rabinowicz

Finals adjudicators: John Wion and Craig Hill


Set piece: Mozart Concerto in D 2 nd Movt

Freddy Branson and David Lempriere-Laughton
Honegger – Dance de la chevre

Philipp Eversheim and David Lempriere-Laughton
Chaminade – Concertino

Daniel Gu and Alison Conrau
Rodrigo – Flute Concerto, 1 st Movt

Jason Hu and David Lempriere-Laughton
Gary Schocker – Airborne


Anna Coe and David Lempriere-Laughton
Jolivet – Chant de linos

Simone Maurer and Hugh Davidson
Devienne – Concerto Not 7 in E minor, 3rd Movt
Burton – Sonatine

Alicia McGorlick and David Lempriere-Laughton
Hue – Fantasie
Toru Takemitsu -Voice

Philipp Eversheim and David Lempriere-Laughton
Dutilleux – Sonatine
Karg-Elert – Chaconne

Melbourne Composers Concert: Worlds Apart

Saturday 24 June, 5.00pm. Armadale Uniting Church, 86 Kooyong Rd Armadale

Performers: Beatriz Pomés-Jimenez, Johanna Selleck, Peter Bartels, Greg Lee (flutes), Caroline Almonte (piano), Jane Matheson (harpsichord), Jane Robertson (clarinet), Barbara Hornung (viola), Caerwen Martin (cello), Arwen Johnston (percussion), Sophie Marcheff (guitar)

The music of nineteenth-century Spanish composer Pablo de Sarasate (1844–1908) and esteemed Melbourne composer Helen Gifford (1935–) are an unlikely mix, but their juxtaposition provides a tantalizing contrast as will be demonstrated in this adventurous concert. A line-up of distinguished musicians will take us through a journey from the Baroque era to Romantic-period Spain to modern-day Australia. Works for flute and piano form the centerpieces of the program, offset by various combinations of flute, oboe, clarinet, harpsichord, guitar, vibraphone, viola, and cello.

Beatriz Pomés-Jimenez is a PhD student at Melbourne University, studying under the mentorship of Michael Christoforidis and Johanna Selleck. Beatriz shares her hometown of Pamplona in Spain with Sarasate, and his music forms the focus of her doctorate. She has completed a set of beautiful arrangements for flute and piano of eight of Sarasate’s entrancing and virtuosic dances for violin and piano, which will be featured at the concert. This is a major win for flute players around the world and promises to be a substantial addition to our showpiece repertoire.

The much-awarded Australian composer Helen Gifford is also a graduate of the University of Melbourne, where she studied in the 1950s Roy Shepherd and Dorian Le Gallienne. The Victorian Flute Guild is both honoured and proud to present the work of this extraordinary composer. The programmed works are: Fantasy for flute and piano; Skiagram for flute, vibraphone, and viola; Lyric for flute, clarinet, and cello; and Sonnet for flute, guitar, and harpsichord.

Enquiries and bookings: phone Johanna on 0419 107 308 or email

PDF version: VFG_Worlds Apart concert

VFG AGM 2016

Here are some photos taken at our AGM at St Peter’s Eastern Hill on the 16th October.  Thank you to those who attended the event, and for our wonderful guest speaker Lisa-Maree Amos who provided insight into her life as an orchestral musician.

44th Leslie Barklamb Scholarship 2016

Leslie Barklamb, widely considered the ‘Father of the Flute’ in Australia, has left a legacy to flute players as namesake of the scholarship that bears his name. The longevity of the scholarship demonstrates the healthy state of flute playing and teaching in Victoria and again, performances throughout this, the 44th Scholarship, did not fail to disappoint. Audience and adjudicators alike were treated to performances of an exceptionally high standard. Technical dexterity combined with musical ability; exquisite tone quality and poised performances. 

Congratulations are extended to all participants and in particular, the winners and place-getters in each section. The scholarship was extremely well attended this year, making the competition fierce throughout all sections. Adjudicators were indeed given an onerous task, in both the preliminary rounds (held on 11th September) as well as the finals (on 16th September). Both sections were held at Methodist Ladies’ College, Kew.

The focal point of the two days of events is always the main award of the senior section – the Leslie Barklamb Scholarship. This year, the award went to Eliza Shephard, who performed with great excitement and command over all aspects of her program, presenting a beautiful ensemble with pianist Adam McMillan. Congratulations are also extended to second-place winner, Alyse Faith. All competitors in the senior section proved themselves to be worthy opponents in every way, and with their respective accompanists, they presented a wonderful program for the enjoyment of the audience, as shown below:

  • Philipp Eversheim accompanied by David Laughton
    Faure – Fantasie
    Prokofiev – Sonata, 4
    th Movement, Allegro con Brio
  • Matthew Mulhern accompanied by Louisa Breen
    Marais – Les Folies D’Espagne
    Prokofiev – Sonata, 2
    nd Movement, Scherzo
    Clarke – The Great Train Race
  • Alyse Faith accompanied by David Laughton
    Debussy – Syrinx
    Nielsen – Concerto, 1
    st Movement, Allegro Moderato
  • Eliza Shephard accompanied by Adam Mc Millan
    Karg-Elert  – Sonata Appassionata
    Boehm – Grande Polonaise

The Intermediate Section is named in memory long time VFG member and president, teacher and examiner Nariida Coleman. The set piece for this section, Romance by Brun, provided performers the opportunity to demonstrate tonal quality and flexibility through a beautiful, melodic work, as well as seamless technical control. As with the senior section, the four finalists were selected from a large and talented cohort of competitors in the preliminary rounds (18 performers in the Senior Section and 7 in the Intermediate Section). Finalists competing for The Nariida Coleman Award (Intermediate Section) are given below with their ‘own choice’ piece (played in addition to the set piece):

  • Raymond Chau accompanied by Melanie Lee
    Hamilton Harty – In Ireland
  • Jessica Ting accompanied by Louisa Breen
    Reinecke – Sonata, 3
    rd movement, Allegro Molto Moderato
  • Emma Todd accompanied by Larissa Cox
    Taktakishvili – Sonata, 1
    st Movement, Allegro Cantabile
  • Daniel Gu accompanied by David Laughton
    Prokofiev – Sonata, 4
    th  Movement, Allegro con Brio

Congratulations to Emma Todd, winner of the Nariida Coleman Award. In a technically commanding and musical performance, Emma ticked all of the boxes and together with accompanist Larissa Cox, brought the music to life. Congratulations also to Daniel Gu, who was awarded 2nd place in this Intermediate Section. To Jessica and Raymond as with the finalists in both sections, we commend the fabulous achievement on reaching the finals. We look forward to seeing some of this year’s finalists back in contention for next year’s rounds, as has been the pattern in previous years. This is testimony to the popularity and high regard in which the scholarship is held by Melbourne’s flute community.

The finals concert on the 16th September also featured the winners of the junior and VCE sections, (which had taken place alongside the preliminary rounds on the 11th September). The winners were:

  • Grace Houghton, winner of the 11 Years and Under
  • Freddy Branson, winner of the 13 Years and Under
  • Daniel Gu, winner of the 15 Years and Under (Margaret Brooke Award)
  • Emma Todd, winner of the VCE/IB section

In the 11 Years and Under section, 2nd place was awarded to Talicia Brown and Honourable Mention to Katie Wong. In the 13 years and Under section, 2nd place went to Vaishnavi Muddam and Honourable Mention to Rhys Campbell. In the 15 years and Under section, 2nd place went to Jacinta Chanitrasekara and Honourable mention to Edward Caldwell. In the VCE/IB section, 2nd place went to Phillip Eversheim.

Special mention must also be given to the accompanists throughout the preliminary rounds as well as the finals. As performers, audience, and organisers, we are privileged to be able to enjoy a world-class standard of performance from the pianists without whom these performances would not be possible and furthermore are greatly enhanced by the skill of all the associate artists who help to bring these works to life.

We also wish to extend out thangs to the adjudicators for the all rounds of the 2016 Leslie Barklamb season:

  • 11 Years & Under – Sian Williams & Livia Judge
  • 13 Years & Under – Sian Williams & Kim Tan
  • 15 Years & Under – Agatha Yim & Kim Tan
  • VCE/IB Section – Agatha Yim & Mandy Lyle
  • Intermediate Section – Greg Lee & Sylvie Leprohon
  • Senior Section – Rebecca Johnson & Paula Rae
  • Finals Adjudicators – Margaret Crawford & Robert John

And finally, Mr Alan Hardy, Master of Ceremonies. For all Allan’s work in preparing an entertaining and factual commentary, year after year, we are immensely grateful.

Thank you to the following sponsors of the Guild; Flutes and Flutists, Fine Music, Opera Australia, Musica Viva, Melbourne Chamber Orchestra and Flute Connections.  Fine Music and Flute Connections provided vouchers for the Intermediate and Senior Sections of the Scholarship.

We hope to see you next year for another season of spectacular fluting from the young flute players of Melbourne.

Written by Anne Rose and Johanna Selleck